Training Delivery and Evaluation Course (QQI Level 6)

This Training Delivery and Evaluation course – sometimes called “the new Train The Trainer” – is for anyone who wants to feel confident as a trainer and gain a recognised academic qualification.

Who is this Training Delivery and Evaluation Course for?

– This Training Delivery and Evaluation course is designed for managers and those who pass on instructional information in their organisation and want to feel more confident when doing so. The course equips participants with the necessary skills and knowledge of delivering and evaluating training.

What will I learn on this Training Delivery and Evaluation Course?

  • How to deliver and evaluate your training.
  • The essential skills and methods to be an exceptional trainer.
  • Understanding the role of the trainer.

What is covered in this Training Delivery and Evaluation course?

Learn theories of training & adult learning:
  • How adults learn, motivation and learning styles and how these impact on a training session.
The role of the trainer:
  • Handling potentially challenging behaviours of your delegates.
  • Keeping your course on track.
  • Active listening and communication.
Training needs & programme design:
  • Designing training to meet the needs of different learning styles.
  • Writing training objectives.
  • How to structure a training session and the key design elements.
  • Selecting relevant material for inclusion in your course.
Preparing for training delivery:
  • Tips for preparation and use of visual aids, training tools, exercises etc.
  • Decide on including the use of appropriate training equipment.
Delivery & ongoing assessment of the training event:
  • Create a positive learning environment.
  • Managing trainer nerves.
  • How to avoid presentation pitfalls.
  • How to give the programme maximum impact through your communication skills.
  • Giving and receiving constructive feedback.
Evaluation of training:
  • Evaluate the learning of your participants against overall goals of the training course.
  • Create evaluation for for participants.
  • Gathering input from learners; tips on how to get them involved.

How long is the course?

5 days from 9.30am to 5pm.

In-Company Training

Our in-company training programmes are tailored specifically to meet the training needs of individual clients. In company training is a convenient and cost effective training method designed to give the client flexibility in terms of course content, dates and training centres.

What do I do next?

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